For centuries, the Duero River has bathed 7 km of our lands with the constant flow of its waters. Privileged witness of great stories and passions whispered in each of its corners.


Queen Isabella of Castile buys the farm for 2,286,333 maravedís from the Count of Ribadeo


Francisco Gómez Sandoval y Rojas, first Duke of Lerma and Prime Minister of King Philip III, built a palace, possibly designed by the royal architect Francisco Mora, to entertain the King when he visited the Royal Site of Ventosilla


Lope de Vega staged plays in the gardens of the Palace of Ventosilla for King Philip III and Rubens also visited the estate


Its hydroelectric dam was built on THE DUERO RIVER which still provides electricity for the estate, the winery and THE INN


King Alfonso XIII named the estate Real Site of Ventosilla a model agricultural concern


Javier Cremades de Adaro, and agronomist who loved the countryside, acquired the estate and planted the first 200 hectares which would eventually grow to 520 ha spread over ten terroirs: Hoyo Dornajo, La Mina, Prado del Rey, El Pino, Los Robles, Valdelayegua, Salgüero, La Recorba, Los Quemados and Las Tasugueras.


First vintage of red and rosé Ribera del Duero wine launched under the brand name PRADOREY


PRADOREY starts its second wine revolution, with true to terroir wines and an intense commitment to innovation.


We started with the emotional winemaking learning experience of using century-old earthenware anfora to produce quality wines


We revolutionised the Ribera del Duero once again, this time with a clear commitment to clay, and we stopped making “Roble” category wines


We have expanded our facilities and planted 12 hectares of white grape varieties to begin producing white wines in the Ribera del Duero