In the world of wine, we often say that the most beautiful aspect is that each vintage allows us only to aspire to achieve the best that nature offers at the end of each cycle. Last year, around this time, we spoke of 2022 being a highly challenging harvest. As for 2023, it has been even more challenging! We began with two frosts in April and May, which led to a loss of 50% of the production. This was followed by rains in late May and early June, which in some cases were extreme and challenging to manage. Additionally, the notorious DANAs further complicated the scenario.



In total, just over 1,200,000 Kg were harvested from the 158 plots that make up our vineyard, resulting in an average yield of approximately 2,500 Kg per hectare.



There is a famous Latin proverb attributed to Virgil, “fortune favors the brave,” and perhaps that’s why we started the harvest very early. We were conscious that challenging harvests don’t allow for shortcuts, and bold decisions are essential.

It is also often said that good crews are genuinely known in storms. In the face of adversity, the Pradorey team has shown courage, intuition, and a zeal to bring in the harvest that is worthy of praise. Perhaps that’s why we were able to harvest the grapes in an ideal state for our white, rosé, and our earliest red wine – Sr. Niño. Paradoxically, our winemaker suggests that we might be looking at the best vintages of these wines to date.

The higher range, starting from the estates – Valdelayegua, La Mina, and Real Sitio, followed by Adaro and Salgüero Tinto, as well as El Buen Alfarero, will display a somewhat different profile this year. Without losing any essence of the terroir, this harvest presents a fresher facet, with lower alcoholic content, making it even more pleasant. They are, as one often says, long-drinking wines, maintaining their usual elegance.

Lastly, the renowned “veranillo de San Miguel” (Indian summer) played a crucial role in the full maturation of the grapes destined for our exquisite Pradorey Élite and the sophisticated El Retablo. These grapes have reached complete maturity, presenting a perfect condition characterized by lower alcoholic content compared to previous years, without losing their defining character.

We conclude a harvest of substantial changes in Pradorey’s vineyard, cultural and structural, which have been noticeable this year and will be even more prominent in the upcoming harvests. We encourage you to come and experience it firsthand.

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