Wines where time fades away, patience turns into magic, and the wait transforms into a long-awaited treasure.






Vinos de guarda
Estuche de 3 botellas indivisible


Salgüero means willow and gives its name to one of our estates. But the decision to name this range Salgüero came much later. We can say that the project started in 2016, although we didn’t know it yet. That year we began a journey of learning traditional winemaking methods. We started to vinify in clay jars, as was done in the past, crushing the grapes by foot, using manual methods to transfer them to the vats, using paddles to stir the mash, without temperature control and with a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness. And we liked so much what the clay contributed that we launched one of the most iconic wines of the winery: El Buen Alfarero, the germ of what our wines represent today and a unique stamp of the winery’s identity.

From there, with the jars as a base, we began to work with very long aging processes both in clay and in barrels, seeking to push our terroir, varietals, and winemaking methods to the limit, achieving complexity and authenticity in each of the projects. Why focus on red wines if we had a spectacular base for rosé to “play” with? Why not dare with an Orange Wine in Ribera del Duero? Why not age in jars and barrels?

Were we in a hurry? No. We just had to cultivate patience, the kind that tends to be scarce in a time when the culture of immediacy prevails.


The Timeless

Aged wine where the wait returns the grape to its original essence

Sober and with character. The base is 100% Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero, which makes it very recognizable. The key lies in the use of century-old clay jars and long aging in large French oak barrels. It maintains the sobriety of the great wines of Ribera del Duero but does not lose its character and personality, maintaining its freshness despite being of an age worthy of a grand reserve.

Limited production. 2018 vintage: 4,412 units


The Indelible

Aged wine where the grape is the essence and patience a treasure

Sophisticated and slightly deceptive. Nothing is as it seems in this complex and indelible oenological gem. Its color resembles a slightly oxidized rosé, its aroma evokes the fragrant wines of the south, and the sensation on the palate is very fresh with reductive nuances. All this can be expressed by the Albillo Mayor grape from Ribera del Duero when it is made with its skins (Orange wine) and new and used barrels are selected for a very long mixed aging process.

Limited production. 2019 vintage: 1,029 units


The Infinite

Aged wine where the passage of time fades away and the grape turns into perfume

Elegant and exquisite. It is possibly the most complex of the three. The base is our Pradorey Rosé (Tempranillo and Merlot) with a touch of Albillo Mayor that adds freshness to a wine with a very long aging in used red wine and “azueladas” (blue-tinted) barrels. Its color, between intense onion skin and salmon, contrasts with its intensity and brilliance. Its sophisticated nose and very creamy palate with a liqueur-like touch make it infinite in nuances and sensations.

Limited production. 2019 vintage: 2,002 units



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