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La Triada is a return to the past, to the purity of things, to a world without artifice and to the values that have been rooted in human beings since time immemorial. La Triada is craftsmanship, work done with our hands, feet and soul.
One wine and three vintages to feel its soul and authenticity



What if we made a wine like our grandparents used to make? In 2016, we started rescuing earthenware jars in old abandoned family wine cellars for what was to be our most personal project. We selected plot 119 in our vineyards, a special place in Hoyo Dornajo. We harvest the grapes with our own hands, tread the grapes with our own feet, carry out daily punch downs and get excited tasting the result. After 6 months and 23 days, we bottled the first vintage of a wine whose soul stood out above all else. El Buen Alfarero had just been born.



In 2017, nature once again showed its strength in Ribera del Duero with a frost that considerably reduced production and gave this vintage a much more robust character than usual. The grapes expressed themselves differently inside the jar and we had our doubts, so we decided to wait and learned the value of time. When 17 months and 8 days had passed, we felt again the same emotion as in the previous year. We understood that, sometimes, for things to work out the way you want them to, you have to give yourself a little more time.



The clay of these jars was teaching us many things that we could apply to other wines, so we decided to continue advancing in the project, trying more types of amphorae, other wines and other vinifications, but always keeping two jars reserved for El Buen Alfarero. In 2018, we made the wine the same way once more and, again, it was different. We waited for 9 months and 17 days for the wine to round off and show its pure character. Only then did we bottle it, and these were the first bottles to be marketed.

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2016 – 2017 – 2018


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